Activities in Fanari vary according to the mood and the weather. The visitor can make all kind of activities in the long beaches of Fanari and Arogi such as swimming, water ski, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing and scuba diving and last but not least fishing. Furthermore, the area is well suggested for hiking, jogging and cycling along the coastline.

The national park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace that Fanari area belongs, offer a suitable opportunity to the nature lovers to observe birds in the lakes of Vistonida, Xerolimni and Ismarida while for the action lovers in less than an hour the visitor can explore the paths of Nestos river by doing canoe kayak or rafting.

The geographic location of Fanari places it perfect for daily excursions while in less than half an hour by car the visitor can reach the city of Komotini and Xanthi, and less than an hour the city of Alexandroupoli and Kavala. In addition to that, the island of Thassos that is opposite to Fanari coast is also a good choise for day trip.